What am I listening to? Adele – Hello

My very first music post just had to be a song by Adele. Adele’s Hello taken from her new album 25 is such an emotion packed song. Adele as we already know is a mega talented artiste, and not only do I really love this song because of the fact that Adele is obviously a genius when it comes to music, but lets face it guys, no one will ever get you reminiscing about your love life like Adele will. She’ll literally have you forgiving your exes, even the ones you never dated lol!.

The song is such an amazing one that the legendary Joe Thomas had to jump on it. Here is his cover of the song. Enjoy!


Are we or Are we not?

Are we or Are We Not you are pretty much assuming stuff i.e. that you guys are an item or no? #relationships #situationships #love #boyfriend #girlfriend #arewe #orarewenot

Photo Credit: alignedsigns via Compfight cc

So I haven’t posted anything in a minute because I have been very busy trying to round up my masters degree program and man! writing my major research paper has been one hell of a task. I still have a lot to do but I decided to take a break to quickly post something very important

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