Are we or Are we not?

Are we or Are We Not you are pretty much assuming stuff i.e. that you guys are an item or no? #relationships #situationships #love #boyfriend #girlfriend #arewe #orarewenot

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So I haven’t posted anything in a minute because I have been very busy trying to round up my masters degree program and man! writing my major research paper has been one hell of a task. I still have a lot to do but I decided to take a break to quickly post something very important

I often try to stay away from being too personal when discussing anything relationship related. But I will bring this up just because I have no idea what the answer is or how things are done anymore.

So yes, I can relate to this post in particular because I have found myself in this typa situation and I was clueless for a while. Now I should say that no one person has the manual when it comes to dating, but we can always learn a thing or two from other peoples experiences.

I bet you starting to think “hey! get to it already” lol. well this is not something I particularly enjoy talking about especially since I consider myself a little old school now but….So, do relationships ‘still’ begin with the asking out process or is it a common thing for people to just go with the flow nowadays? Lately I have been hearing a lot of people say they are officially with someone without a formal “will you be my girlfriend” typa convo.

I might be old school but isn’t that a little risky? you are pretty much assuming stuff i.e. that you guys are an item or no? Like I said I have been in this type of situation before and its a little bit confusing. Even though mine worked out but I did realize it was a dangerous thing not to have had the “hey what are we doing” conversation with  and if you ask did I eventually have the convo, well the sad answer is I never did. The bad thing about that is it put me in a situation where I couldn’t completely trust that the person understood that we are suppose to be exclusive till much later.

Enough about me, I guess I am just wondering if it’s a new trend, do guys still go through the process of wanting to hear a yes verbatim from their girlfriends or is that now an archaic concept 

For mature people like myself (cant believe I used the world mature) in the dating scene that aren’t so pleased with this new dating method, be honest with yourself, at what point do you actually decide to have the convo with the supposed man in your life, 3 months into the ‘not-so-sure-relationship’? or is that too early?

The last thing any ‘sane’ female wants, is to be stuck in a ‘situationship’ for months, only to realize it was never anything more than a companionship (plus perks lol!). Not exactly sure how I intend to end this post but I’ll say better safe than sorry, you gotta find out early enough, I know I sound hypocritical cos i did say I did not have the convo when I got in a situation like this, but I wouldn’t advise others not to……. the earlier you know whats going on the better. If by 4 months into the situation you still confused as to whats going on with you guys, Hunnie! I will say go ahead and start the convo.


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